Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Change of plans

As you can tell and not that anyone out there really cares I did not use this blog to keep track of my senior project. So instead I'm just going to use it to keep track of my own personal knitting projects and such. I passed my senior project and am now full to the brim with ideas for knitting projects but until the end of my senior year I wont act on any of them. To much left to do until graduation and to little time left.

This past weekend I made something I never imagined I would end up knitting. I knitted my grandmother a boob and when I gave it to her she died laughing. Which was the intended result, but I guess I need to fill you all in before I go much farther.

Just before Easter my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor said it was the type that likes to hide so there was no knowing how long it had been there. But in all likely hood it hasn't been there all that long because my grandmother goes into the doctor every year to get a mammogram and the breast cancer has never been found before. Through out this whole thing my grandmother has never once had a pity me moment, she has been a strong independent women. But we all know shes just as frightened by the whole ordeal as we are.

So on to the Boob! Friday after taking my advance placement U.S. history test (APUSH for short) i swung by the yarn stash and picked up a ball of light almost skin tone pink yarn and a ball of dark pink yarn. Then i sat my self down and knitted all of Friday night and through most of Saturday. For me knitting has become a couping mechanism over the years. Some people are emotional eaters. Well I'm a emotional knitter and making this boob was my way of dealing with my grandmothers breast cancer and a way to try to make the whole situation a little better. So on Sunday for mothers day we went over and visited her and I gave her the stuffed boob. Let me just say I haven't heard my grandmother laugh that hard for a long time.

My whole family thought it was hysterical and we started making jokes about the fake boob. Such as if my grandmother had to have a mastectomy she could use the knitted boob as a replacement. Little did we know on Monday she and her doctor would come to the painful decision that she did indeed need to have a mastectomy. Today, possibly even as I write this my grandmother is preparing to or already has had a mastectomy and I pray that everything goes okay.

I also pray that my cousins meeting with her neurosurgeons go well today. On Monday we found out that my cousin has a brain tumor the size of a golf ball that has been causing her to black out, bouts of serious pain.
And as my mom said on Monday night "To bad we cant knit her a new brain like we knitted your grandma a new boob."

So does any one know of any funky hat patterns that might be fun to knit instead?

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